A Blog (and Dream) Un-deferred

By Zerline Hughes

So this is the part where I congratulate myself for achieving yet another milestone -and boy, do I need to feel a sense of achievement right about now.

This is blog post no. 1 and I’m excited. I’m also thankful because the spouse suggested I go ahead and, like NIKE says, “Just Do It.”NIKE
My work as a Director of Communications for a criminal justice reform organization – and my work as the mother of the Js – my 9 y.o daughter and 11 y.o. son – awakened an urge to blog about our many travails in trying to ensure that my son is NOT one of the three Black men touched by the criminal justice system in his lifetime. And our girls are so often forgotten, with so much attention to our boys (a la President Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper initiative), that I want to make sure that I cover all bases while blogging about my efforts to keep them BOTH motivated, positive and out of harm’s way as much as possible.
It’s taking a lot of energy, gas, tears, sanity … and the hardest of them all: patience.
So blogging will have to be my therapy. And maybe yours too. Let’s learn together. Let’s do this because when I see the negative side of what lies ahead, when I read about the statistics no one wants to be a part of, my response is easily: Not These Two!

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