Why Not These Two?

By Zerline Hughes

In my daily work as a communications expert at two national nonprofits dedicated to reforming the adult and juvenile criminal justice systems, I’ve heard the stat that 1 in 3 Black men touch the justice system at some point in their life.

Not These Two kids of mine, I say.meninprison

We already fit into a cadre of stereotypes. We live in the inner city. I’m raising the kids following a divorce – single mother/single parented children. We are Black. We live in one of the two least progressive areas in Washington, D.C. – Ward 7. Shall I go on?

With all the negative stats flying around about folks like us, I say nay. Not These Two kids of mine.

So, that’s the why! Now I need to figure out the how!

For her: violin, swimming, drama, flag football (which she hates), golf (which she hates)

For him: karate, saxophone, drumming, flag football, golf and four different schools in five years to find the perfect fit. (that’s a whole ‘nother blog post, there.)

And, of course, for me, lot’s of drive time, lots of trips to the gas station, lots of long nights, early mornings, money spent on activities, camps, enrichment, tears of joy, tears of confusion, delivered consequences, heartache and joy.

And it’s all worth it to keep away from those negatives stats. Not These Two!



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