Back for a New Season of Creating Alternatives

By Zerline Hughes

So, we last spoke at the close of July. Summer’s near end. School began in August (curses). We acclimated to the new wake up-homework-afterschool activities schedule by September. We were bogged down with playdates, parties, potlucks and PTA by October. And here we are in November already. I feel like we’re stars on a TV sitcom and had to take a mid-season break. Glad to be back.Keep-Calm-its-the-new-season

It goes so fast. The boy, 11.5, is almost as tall as me, and just two weeks ago became the spitting image of his father (everyone else says he’s always looked like him, but I finally saw it). The girl, 9.5, is starting to look like a little woman (what comes out of her mouth has always been quite adult).

As we get comfortable in this new season of life, I, too, am finding comfort in a new professional skin – independent consultant and business owner. I’d love to say I’m doing this for me. You know, I’m in my late-thirties (just so you know, I first wrote mid-thirties and then realized that is so NOT the case; ouch!), and I’ve been working for other organizations as a full time communications manager, somewhat limited to do go outside of the box.

But in reality, everything I do is always for these two. Giving them something more. Showing them how life can be lived. Being a role model of what to do – and what not to do, too.

So join me – us – in this new chapter where I will now be offering a little more time to the kids, a lot more time on my laptop fulfilling MY clients’ needs, and continuing the plight to ensure the Js continue on the path of the straight and narrow. You know my motto: Not These Two!


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