A Day of Rest, Recharge

By Zerline Hughes

I’ve promised myself not to do any work today. I hope I’m able to stick to this promise to myself. You see, today is my month-in-advance-planned day of rest.

salamander1First and foremost, a major shout out of thanks and appreciation goes out to my guy for taking care of my kids. It’s quite a feat. The girl has to be at the school bus stop by 6:30 – that’s A.M. The boy has to be at his across town at his school bus stop by 7:15 a.m. Servicemen are scheduled to be in the house throughout the day to fix this, that and the other, and then there’s kid pick up and transfer. School pick up, swimming, homework check in, dinner, bedtime.

That agenda for me would also include working for various clients onsite, off site, online, on the phone … I think you get it.

And so today, I will be doing none of that. If I’m lucky. Of course, I’ll still be checking email and I’m sure there will be a change of schedule here, a reminder there. There’s probability of a call to confirm repair plans and prices, and with spring in full bloom, the possibility of an asthmatic kid calling to be rescued.

A woman’s work is never done. Especially for a mom who’s trying to go above and beyond to keep her kids out of reach of prison. Hmph … that phrase use to look more like out of reach of danger, or out of reach of poison, or even out of reach of drugs … but now it’s prison.

salamander2And this is exactly why I jumped on a Travelzoo discount for a day-long spa experience at the Salamander Spa and Resort owned by BET co-founder Sheila Johnson. Unfortunately, there’s no time or budget for an overnight; that would be too perfect. But I’ll take what I can get! The boyfriend agreed to take time off from his job (thanks again!) to make sure everything was taken care of on the home front, while I ignore everything and recharge. Recharge from a weekend of driving 500 miles to a karate tournament for the boy; from a week that included caring for a sick daughter; from a month that included getting the kids back on schedule following Spring Break; from a season that was so cold and dark that I had to fight with myself and my kids to get up out of bed, and get out of the house on time and bundled appropriately.

I’m tired all over again!

So I’m excited, blessed and lucky to be dipping my hands in paraffin wax, getting my feet scrubbed, having my neck and back kneaded, and relaxing in a jacuzzi spa on a budget. I’ll watch horses pass by, breathe in fresh air and if the weather is agreeable, work on my tan.

Time to recharge. We all need it.

Logging off!


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