A Visual Reminder That it’s Time to Back Off

By Zerline Hughes

When he saw it, his actual first thought was a genuine, “Oh, cool!”

We both know his sister would have responded 100 percent differently. He imitates her,  says her first thought would have been, “Oh no, why me?”

Lemme explain … My son is actually quite accepting of me hanging around him. He doesn’t shoo me away, nor does he give me directives on where to pick him up at school for fear of his friends seeing me. I can be spotted at the kids’ school any day, any time. That’s one of the reasons I decided to try my hand at being a consultant – so I could have more control of my schedule and be more involved with  and available to my children. And I am.

jobemom2I just never thought that I was so hands on and involved that my son and I would be in his school’s yearbook in a photo together. Gasp. It’s a photo of us, mind you, during a weekend Homecoming celebration that families were invited to. We’re taking a selfie with the school mascot and the featured photo captures us posing together.

On the one hand, it’s cute, fun, sweet. On the other, I wonder if it’s overkill. I mean, he is an 8th grader — ahem now, officially, a ninth grader — and he’s pictured in the yearbook with his momma! Are his friends thinking, “she’s always around,” or “why in the world is his mom in the student year book?” or “what a momma’s boy!” Continue reading