Much Ado About Nothing

By Zerline Hughes

Summer is all about relaxing, having fun, and breaking from schedule – that is, for the first two weeks.

During the school year, These Two get up at 6 a.m. to commute with me for a half hour to the school bus stop, only to transfer to a school bus for another half hour. They take some pretty intense classes and participate in competitive sports during the school day. They don’t get home most days until 6 or 8 p.m. And then we do it again. Yeah, I told you before, they’re overscheduled.

By the time a three-day weekend comes, the kids would rather vacation at home, sleep in and veg out, than go out and celebrate their day off at a museum, or a special event.

When summer break comes around, we celebrate hard! No early wake ups, no crazy schedules and now that they’re older, no back-to-back activities. BUT, I still make sure to schedule everything to a T. Two weeks of this, one week of that. But part of that schedule also includes breaks and down time. And the past two weeks have been just that.

These Two soon close their second week of summer break having not adhered to a schedule. They loved it. And so did I. There were a lot of spontaneous trips – a Starbuck’s and wi-fi outing downtown while I had a business meeting. A screen on the green treat at Freedom Plaza. Two consecutive trips to Rita’s for frozen custard were appreciated by all. They registered for summer reading at the library. We all enjoyed an evening at the movies to see Wonder Woman. They even came to the last week of my Zumba classes – to watch and enjoy last day refreshments, of course. The girl continues to hone her cooking skills, creating new vegetarian recipes, and there’s been a lot of Netflixing, SnapChatting, videogaming, and even Lego play.

Before we engage operation summer spreadsheet and they take off for camp, enrichment classes, summer jobs and a solo flight out West, take a look at the first weeks of their Summer of ’17 doing nothing!







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