About This One

authorI’m a mom first. And a writer second. And then an entrepreneur, blogger, editor, Zumba instructor, dancer, daughter, wife, professor, friend, hard worker, dreamer, and the list goes on, and on …. and on.

I became a parent to the first J in 2003. I had no idea what was ahead of me. Then, in 2005, I birthed JT. Still, no clue on what I was in for. Battling with the education system of Washington, DC, meandering around co-parenting with 250 miles between us, and running an around the clock consultancy while trying to appreciate life, I make it all work.

Formerly a newspaper reporter, I became the communications staffer for The Sentencing Project in 2006, working on criminal justice reform issues by way of research, communications and Hill lobbying. In 2010, I joined the Justice Policy Institute, doing more of the same, offering more technical assistance and advocacy. This is where I learned that I really had no clue about what I’d gotten myself into as a mother trying to rear children in a country that incarcerates people more than any other country in the world.

Howard University and Simmons College instructed, I’m searching for the mix between journalism, communications management, dance, parenting and travel!




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